the marketplace is changing

Is Your B2B Ready?

Go To Market Consulting For Forward-Thinking CEOs & Founders

Will Your Competition Beat You To The Punch?

Your customers’ buying habits have changed, and many B2B companies are getting left behind. 

Market share is up for grabs, but only for those who evolve and stake their claim in this shifting landscape.

The question is, will you it be you or your competition that gets there first? 


Success now demands that companies master new skills so their go to market process can evolve with their buyers

We help companies do this by focusing on 3 core tenets: customer insights, demand creation, and a revenue R&D process

Customer Insights

Stop feeling like your yelling but the market isn't listening

Give your business a competitive advantage by developing a feedback loop to understand your customers better than the competition.

Demand Creation

Put an end to fighting over customers with your competition

Make a shift to focus on demand creation, and turn your business into a magnet for ideal clients & create raving fans along the way.

Revenue R&D

Don't just hope for more revenue next quarter.

Install a defined process in your business that takes new revenue programs from concept to fully scaled and consistent sources of revenue.

During challenging times for our business, they coached us on finding our voice as a company while also feeling confident enough to share that with the online world.”

Scott Mayer Owner of BlueSail Yachting

We understand the challenge every business faces to keep up with the ever increasing rate of change in the marketplace

That’s why we focus on empowering founders and their teams with the knowledge and skills that allow them to build go to market strategies from concept to fully operational revenue generating machines.

We believe every B2B leader should feel confident that they can step into the future without having to wonder how they will successfully engage and convert their market ever again.

build your

Revenue Generating Machine


We begin with a deep dive of current go to market activities. Then, we gather customer insights. That information directs the rebuilding of your messaging and the hypothesis of how to best to drive your GTM.


Now it's all about execution. We work with you through a defined process that takes your GTM from concept to fully scaled programs that hit your revenue targets quarter after quarter.


Once a program has proven itself over multiple consecutive quarters, it's time to take the steps to full operationalize it by installing the processes, tools and team members to successfully run the program on your own.

seeing is believing…

These other businesses we’ve worked with have seen great results

“HIGHLY recommend for any business looking to gain a competitive advantage using progressive and creative marketing techniques!”
- Scott
"Grateful for what they have done for our business!"
- Jonathan
"The results speak for themselves, doubled our business in less than a year!"
- Dave

what does success look like?

Different than marketing agencies of the past, Dave & Ilyssa share how working with Structured To Grow made a real impact in their business growth.