Instruction from Industry Experts
Tactical Advice with Immediate Impact
Fuel Your Business' Growth

You deserve the expert tools and training needed to take your business to next level of success and profitability.

It’s easy to get your CEUs every year, but learning to be a better inspector is really only half the job. You own a home inspection business, and if you want your business to thrive it’s time to invest into your education as a business owner as well.

Introducing the Pair Payments Momentum Series

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Thursday Sept 9


FABI Florida


Home Inspection Business Owners


The next thing your business needs to thrive

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Instruction from Industry Experts

Home Inspectors get alot of instruction on how to be better inspectors. But where can you go to learn how to be a better business owner.

The Momentum Series is taught by industry experts and designed to give you insight on leveling up your business.

Actionable Steps with Immediate Impact

Ideas are great, but the best ideas often fail in the last mile of implementation and are never felt by a business.

This masterclass is packed with tactical advice you can immediately put into action and receive immediate results from

Save Time And Fuel Growth

Are you ready to take your home inspection game up a notch? Is it time to go from self employed to a business owner?

The workshop is designed to put you on the track to grow your top line sales and create profitability. Take a step towards owning a business instead of just working in one.

It's time you get connected to the tools and training you deserve


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What You Can Expect

What to Fix Next?

Ever feel like you’re working on everything but not actually fixing anything? Business owners often find themselves relying on instinct to reactively respond to all of their business needs. But what if this was moving you away from your ultimate goal?

Our first workshop focuses on how to determine what your business needs right now and take a step towards your ultimate vision.

Speaker: Brad Williams

The Numbers That Matter Most

Every business owners knows when they are making sales, top line revenue is easy to track. But do you really know how profitable you are? If you’re struggling with profitability in a competitive market, do you know what steps to take?

Profitability is the key to your business being able to ride the ups and downs in the market, it gives you staying power. In this session you’ll learn steps to take to build automatic profitability into your system.

Speaker: Dave Iava

Provided Lunch

Stop Random Acts of Marketing

Almost every day of the week there’s a new shiny marketing tactic to try. Whether it’s the newest social media fad or funnel scheme, there is no shortage of new fangled marketing tactics. The question is, what is right for your business?

Marketing and sales are the lifeblood of your business, and it’s crucial you use your resources wisely if you want to grow. In this talk you will discover how to choose which marketing tactics are right for your business strategy.

Speaker: Nicki Williams

Road Already Traveled - Mentoring

Industry Veteren Terry Howell Shares the immense value in working with not against your fellow business owners.

Speaker: Terry Howell


Put An End To The Chaos

Every business faces growing pains as it develops. It’s been said that to grow, you have to make a mess. But what happens when that mess just gets bigger and bigger? Eventually you start having to make sense of things to keep it from getting out of control. Regardless of what stage your business is in, order and efficiency play an important role to your success. In this talk, you will learn how to tackle the growing pains in each stage of your business.

Speaker: Joey Donofrio

Getting Traction in Your Business

It’s time to take all of the information and make it have an impact in your inspection business. And we know this will lead to some questions.

In our last session industry insiders come together for a panel discussion to answer your questions on how to solve problems and grow your inspection business.


Dave Iava

Dave Iava has had many accomplishments in his professional career. From computer training school start ups, to an elite athletic training facility, and now merchant services provider. At the end of the day, Dave is a coach who loves to help others develop themselves (and their businesses) to the best they can be. 

In 2020 he became involved in the home services industry and with a fresh mission  now focuses on bringing transparency and personal service to payment processing as well as  eliminating merchant services costs for home inspectors and other home services professionals. 

His mission for Pair Payments goes beyond merchants services, and endeavors to be a beacon in the industry connecting home inspectors to the tools and information they need to succeed.

Joseph Donofrio

Joey Donofrio is a serial entrepreneur and is a home services industry veteran with over two decades of experience. With the largest home inspection company in Virginia as his principal business, Joey has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field. He’s also a partner in Pair Payments Home Services which helps eliminate credit card bills for home services companies across the United States.


In addition to being an entrepreneur, Joey is committed to giving back and in his spare time co-hosts the Inspection Pro Joe Podcast which helps inspectors grow their business by giving them access to experts in marketing, finance, HR, operations, and more.

Brad Williams

National Speaker and Educator, Brad Williams is passionate about helping small businesses get the access to marketing that works. He’s tired of seeing them taken advantage of by companies that offer 1 size fits all services and don’t return ROI to support their goals. 

With a lifetime of real estate experience, Brad has worked as a custom home builder, general contractor, and owner of Exceptional Home Inspections. In 2017 Brad and his wife Nicki founded Structured To Grow, a boutique strategic marketing agency that specializes in comprehensive solutions for established small businesses.. Brad aspires to be a connector, educator, problem solver, small business champion, and servant to his community. He seeks to challenge the standard of normal, and break through barriers while lifting up those around him.

Nicki Williams

Nicki is always seeking to challenge the status quo. Her favorite question is “how can it be done” when faced with seemingly impossibilities. Nicki has spent her entire life overcoming and pulling herself up by her bootstraps. 

She has many accomplishments from a successful career at HanesBrands where she specialized in project management and marketing. She exited the corporate world and applied her wealth of experience to a new business when her and Brad founded Structured To Grow. For her this has been more than a business, it’s an opportunity to advocate for small business. 

At Nicki’s core, she has a heart of service, and when not working in her business she has been a foster mom and now focuses on her ministry Living Remnant, and God’s Closet.

Our Way Of Giving Back

We understand the grit and determination it’s taken to build your business to this point and the challenges we are all facing as we continue to adapt our businesses in the current conditions. And let’s face it, you aren’t getting rubber meets the road guidance you need from most sources.

Small businesses, like yours, are the backbone of our economy. We know too many great business leaders having to fight the battle alone, and frankly, you deserve better. This is why we created the Structured To Grow Momentum Series. This series is themed around the 3 pillars you need to build a successful business: finances, sales/marketing and organizational leadership. No fluff, no nonsense. Everything You need and nothing more. All delivered in 1 hour, action packed sessions each month.

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